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At-Home Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This letter is to pass on information regarding our switch to online classes,
starting tomorrow.

● Tomorrow, teachers will not be having regular instructional classes. They
will be checking in with students to ensure that technology is all working
and to ensure students have all the materials they need to move forward
in this venue. Attendance will be taken.
● Regular classes will begin online starting Monday morning. Like the three
weeks before Christmas, classes will run synchronously. Teachers and
students will be online at the same time and students will follow their usual
Monday to Friday schedule. Students who access support from an
Educational assistant will still have access to that support virtually.
● We will not be running CTS courses online. Junior High Exploratory
courses or Senior High option courses will not occur in the next two
weeks. During that time frame on a students timetable, they will have a
free period. They can use that time to work on class work or just get a
screen break.
● Students will be expected to log into Physical Education
classes, attendance will be taken. The teacher will assign them activities to
complete, but they will not be completed while online. Students will have a
log or checklist to complete once they finish the required expectations.
● Students requiring specialized support will still be able to access the
school, we will be in contact with parents soon to set up schedules for
those who qualify.
● Unlike the three weeks in the Fall when we were online, students cannot
access the building to complete projects or come in to re-write
assessments. If they need to come in for a specific reason, an
appointment has to be arranged.
● Counselling services will still be available virtually. Students who usually
see the the school counsellor can email her and set up an
appointment. Her email address is
● If your child needs to borrow a Chromebook to connect at home, parents
must go onto School cash and complete the Chromebook agreement prior
to the student receiving one. If you have completed one previously, it must
be completed again.
● If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to us at the

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we work together
once again to pivot to online learning.

Charlene Grimes


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