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CHS Re-Entry Infomation

Parents of CHS,


Our first priority this year will be trying to keep our students safe. Due to COVID, regular procedures and practices have changed in the school. In order to ensure that all students understand the expectations we will not have all 220 students return on the same day.  At the moment, the plan is, students in Grades 11 and 12 will return on Wednesday, Sept 2nd, students in grades 8, 9 and 10 on Thursday, Sept. 3rd and the Grade 7 students only will attend on Friday, Sept. 4th.  All students will return to school on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.


General information such as our bell schedules and supply lists are all posted on our school website . Once school starts we also keep parents informed through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and we send out a school newsletter every second month with important dates and other pertinent information.


Here is some detailed information on how we will try our best to keep students safe, while at our school. This information is all based on guidance from Alberta Health Services, as such, it is all subject to change, possibly at short notice.


  1. Doors will be clearly marked as either entrances or exits, we will try to eliminate students crossing directions. Parents and visitors, will not be able to enter the building, without an appointment.


  1. Hallways will be marked with directional arrows.


  1. As students enter the school and enter any classroom they will have to sanitize their hands, and we will be encouraging frequent handwashing, throughout the day.


  1. Students will be expected to wear masks. The back to school handbook posted by Palliser states:

 On August 4, 2020 Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education announced that masks will be mandatory for students from grades 4 to 12 and for all staff. The Government will provide 2 reusable masks for each student and each staff member. Students and staff are welcome to bring their own masks.

  • Grade 4 to 12 students and staff must wear masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained, including shared common areas (e.g. hallways) and on school buses.
  • Exemptions will be made for students and staff who are unable to wear a mask due to medical or other needs.
  • School staff will get one reusable face shield to use in schools at their discretion. A mask must still be worn while wearing a face shield.
  • Masks are not mandated in classrooms for students unless physical distancing is not possible. Teachers are expected to use their professional judgement and consult with school administration when determining when masks will be used in classrooms based on the configuration of the classroom, the learning activity and other relevant variables.


  1. There will be No Foods courses offered in semester 1 (we will revisit in Semester 2) as such, there will not be any hot food service offered or any breakfast programs. Microwaves are also not available to students. Students may go home or leave school property for lunch or bag lunches will be required.


  1. In our attempt to cohort our students, students will stay in the same classroom all day (except for gym class, or specific option classes, i.e., CTS trailer). Teachers will rotate to different classes, students will not switch. Lunch will be eaten in the same classroom.


  1. Students will not have opportunities to sit in the hallways, or visit with friends outside of their class. In order to help with contact tracing in case there is a case of Covid identified, students will have assigned seating in all classes.


  1. We have been asked about class sizes until we have confirmation on how many students are choosing to go online, and if there are any new students registering for CHS for the Fall, we will not know that information.


  1. There are no school team sports or extra-curricular activities permitted at this time.


  1. Physical Education classes will go ahead outside everyday possible. The physical education teacher will ensure students are not sharing equipment, or if they do, it will be done safely. Change rooms will not be accessible to students, changing for gym class is not possible.


  1. We are encouraging students to bring their own electronic device. We are trying to purchase more chrome books, so that students wouldn’t have to share but we do not have enough at this time. All school supplied devices will be sanitized between uses.



  1. We can not have large groups of students accessing lockers between classes simultaneously, therefore we will have schedules for dismissal.


For details on expectations of the school district, please read the following handbook.



If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the administration and we will do our best to get back to you, as soon as we can. Our email addresses are:  and


We are looking forward to having our students return and to working with you in the Fall. Hopefully, you will enjoy what is left of summer.




Charlene Grimes



Ben Swen

Vice Principal

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