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Coalhurst High School is located in the Town of Coalhurst, Alberta.


The town is situated approximately three miles north the Lethbridge city limits. Because of its proximity, it has shown steady growth in its population (recently acquiring "Town" status). Some new residents have chosen the smaller town setting that Coalhurst offers, while continuing to work in Lethbridge. To a degree it is a "bedroom community." Most have a genuine sense of community though, and demonstrate it by becoming involved in community activities and supporting local businesses. The result is an active community seeking to keep pace with its growth and prosperity.

As well as serving the town, Coalhurst educates students from the Village of Monarch and the rural areas surrounding both Coalhurst and Monarch. The Regional transportation system provides services (in conjunction with the needs of Coalhurst Elementary) on five rural routes.

The School houses grades 7 to 12 in Junior and Senior High levels, and offers a broad academic program complemented by elective courses. The drama program at Coalhurst High has been highly regarded and well supported be the entire community. It was also featured prominently in Alberta Views, a provincial publication. Since 1997, Coalhurst High has been making an effort to develop complementary courses in Career and Technology Studies. The acquisition of equipment to support these kinds of courses can be expensive and we happily receive donations of tools and other resources. Coalhurst High also offers a Distance Education component utilizing the services of Alberta Distance Learning Consortium. Palliser Regional Schools' Student Services site also makes teacher and assistant time available to CHS for the sake of our Special Needs Students.

Many students and teachers are also involved in the various extra-curricular programs offered through the School. They include sports programs, social functions, theatre performances and so forth.


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