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Welcome to CHS School Council

School Council/Friends of CHS Society meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Parents/guardians are invited to attend the CHS School Council meetings.  It is a great opportunity to learn about activities and information associated with CHS.  Also it is an opportunity to learn what is happening at a district level from Tony Montina, Palliser Board of Trustee Representative.

Next Meeting Date
November 23, 6:30pm in the CHS Learning Commons


To contact School Council or the Friends of CHS Society, email:

CHS School Council

CHS School Council

Council Chair: Jill Rauda

Council Vice-Chair: Michelle LeBoutillier

Council Secretary:  Tara Grindle



Palliser Board Representative - Tony Montina


Friends of CHS Society

Friends of CHS Society


Society President - Michelle LeBoutillier

Society Vice President - Jill Rauda

Society Treasurer - Jamie Aeichele

Society Secretary - Tara Grindle